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Color Analysis & Schemes

Contemporary interior design in Toronto requires an in-depth understanding of the principles of colour psychology. Color psychology has its origins in Europe and looks at the ways color can affect mood, emotions, and interpersonal dynamics. Studies have demonstrated that a mismatch between residence color and the resident’s personality can negatively influence psychological well-being and even hinder family communication. It is thus our goal to not only make your home look good, but also coordinate its color schemes in ways that will have a positive effect on your everyday life. The reason AB Design has worked on interior design for Toronto’s most preeminent homes is because our designers have been recommended as ones who employ the most sophisticated comprehension of colour schematics and contrast in the most complex of projects.

AB Design offers each client a team of expert professionals who can create the type of look and atmosphere you desire without compromising your colour choices. It is precisely the way our designers work with colour analysis and schemes that make our studio the trendy go-to urbanite hub of interior design in Toronto.