Portfolio / Interior Projects

Alena Burygina, owner of AB Design and a recognized interior decorator in Toronto, can enigmatically revive a tired or outdated room with exquisite new fabrics, fabrication techniques, a new color scheme, the right accessories, and her artistic imagination.

So why spend money on an expensive renovation, when you can refresh your windows, transform your wall colors and fabrics and introduce new accented pieces to your space? All you really need to add resale value to your home is an interior decorator with a remarkable talent for haute couture fabrication, color psychology, shape manipulation, and lighting play to turn your home into a high-class showroom.

For a fresh new look in your home, consider AB Design, a leading interior decorator with Toronto’s most exquisite portfolio, to transform your living room, den, kitchen, washroom or recreational space in a way that will send more buyers and admirers your way.