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As a care-free alternative to drapes, AB Design offers a variety of earily manageable window treatments for Toronto residences and commercial spaces. These include blinds and roller shades that are both durable and easy to clean. We can help you select varieties that won’t lose their shape and color, and will be a perfect match for your interior.

There are many advantages for choosing roller shades and blinds over other window treatments available in Toronto. Roman rolls, for example, come in an assortment of plainly made, lightly colored natural materials like wood, plastics and slightly translucent fabrics. They are loved for their solid colors, easy manageability and low maintenance. Wood, plastics, or stiff fabrics that hold the integrity of their shape are used for both a functional and spiritual purpose: to expose and block the light and energy in a Feng Shui fashion. For the ultimate post-modern functional style, consider AB Design’s Roman Rolls window treatments for your Toronto urban loft or condo.