Portfolio / Romantic Waves

AB Design fabricates ‘Romantic Wave’ custom drapes for those Toronto homes and banquet halls that are looking for a classical, elegant, and flowing sentiment. This fabrication technique can be used to create a warm picturesque family holiday dinner scene, a sensual bedroom experience, a relaxing spa ambiance or a romantic wedding and corporate gala event. Ask our designer about the amazing variations you could do yourself with your Romantic Waves, and your interior can look differently depending on the time of day or occasion.

Installing Romantic Wave custom drapes in your Toronto home will help cultivate the feeling of love, warmth, relaxation and sensuality throughout your entire space. These drapes are perfect for both classical and modern designs. Because of the lightweight fabrics we use, they do not overburden the room and create an impression of elegance and flow. For more information or to get our designer started on making custom drapes for your Toronto residence, give us a call today.