Portfolio / Seashell Reflection

Bringing new touches to established designs, the Seashell Reflection is one of the latest trends in custom made drapery in Toronto. Inspired by the sentiment of the ocean and mimicking the shape of seashells, this type of drapery is meant to illicit a fresh, relaxing vibe, and bring a feel of elegance to either a classic or modern design.

Ideally, any custom made drapery for your Toronto residence needs to compliment other features of the interior. Seashell Reflection can complement both classic and modern décor by introducing a flair of elegance and smoothness that any interior can benefit from. The theme can be further supplemented by elegant furniture, soft color combinations, and additional décor to create a fully harmonious look. To speak with one of our consultants about the type of custom made drapery for your Toronto residence, give us a call today.