Portfolio / Simply Accents

Drapery for Toronto kitchens and bathrooms has to be made differently than for living rooms and other large spaces. Simply Accents are designed to innovate small windows in bathrooms and kitchens, adding to the uniqueness of your residence. They are elements of décor rather than window coverings and thus have variable applicability – from the small windows to unique window shapes. Using the existing drapery in your Toronto residence, we can transform its look and feel by recomposing its flow and appearance.

Accent pieces offer a perfect way to upscale the look of your living space. The purpose of this type of draping technique is to playfully experiment with color, lighting and the shape of the windowsill itself. This trend of drapery in Toronto takes a more blasé approach to interior design that often draws upon the use of sheer fabric, translucency, colors, contrast and lighting to illuminate the darkest spaces.