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Window Décor

The owner of AB Design, Alina Burygina, is a professional designer with a romantic flair for design and fabrication of custom made curtains for your Toronto home. Our designs can be made to suit a variety of different interiors, including classic, urban, traditional and modern. Alina specializes in creating the correct individualized touch in each room using fabrics and window textures. Her designs include signature pieces you won’t find elsewhere in Toronto such as Waterfall Inspirations and Modern Waves. Unique in their design and beautifully crafted, they will create a light, harmonious atmosphere in your home. 

We employ specialists in custom made curtains for your Toronto residences, including unique drapery designs, as well as blinds and shades. AB Design knows how to collaborate with natural light components (such as skylights and windows) to help make the atmosphere in your home both fresh and appealing.

An expert in standard drapery and curtain design, AB Design also specializes in custom applications. With a unique ability to create any style for your home - whether it be classical or urban – we know how to apply new designs without disrupting the current look of your home. Our professionals can fix or adjust any design errors or incompatibilities to match your current and future interiors. AB Design specializes in keeping the process cost-effective by utilizing certain décor elements and techniques to tweak and customize your windows without having to renovate or make new purchases. All in all, if you are looking for custom made curtains for your Toronto residence, give us a call today.